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You are able to burn sure leather-based in a furnance to have tanned leather-based. 1 coal is plenty of for eight tanned leather-based.

entire body bag, human stays pouch, personnel pouch - a bag by which the body of a dead soldier is put

This entry lacks etymological info. If you're acquainted with the origin of this term, make sure you incorporate it towards the webpage per etymology instructions. You can even examine it on the Etymology scriptorium.

container - any object which might be utilized to hold matters (In particular a substantial metal boxlike item of standardized dimensions which can be loaded from one sort of transportation to another)

a great deal of. He's got luggage of cash. sakke vol أكْياس من، كَميّات مِن много montes de hromada (čeho), habaděj die Menge masser af σωρός, μεγάλη ποσότητα από κτ. montones de kottide kaupa مقدار زیاد tukuittain des tas deהרבה ढेर सारा puno, mnogo rengeteg banyak hellingur un sacco di たくさんの 다량의 daugybė milzums; lērums banyak massa's massevis av, i massevismnóstwo دیر زیات montes de (o) grămadă de уйма kopa, fileúra na kupe gomila massor av จำนวนมาก dolu, bol, çOkay 許多 багато بڑی مقدار میں rất nhiều 许多

The times of conservative bags are behind us, females, so start out transferring your Necessities in excess of into a purse using a major dose of character. This year it’s all about vivid hues and maximalist particulars—but in structured designs. Allow me to share 6 handbag trends that find more info pack a punch. 

steal - consider without the owner's consent; "A person stole my wallet over the teach"; "This creator stole overall paragraphs from my dissertation"

bag - a transportable rectangular container for carrying dresses; "he carried his compact bag on to the plane with him"

A sac in animal bodies, that contains some fluid or other material. the bag of poison inside the mouth of some serpents

we experienced the sport approximately from the bag → el partido estaba casi ganado, 10íamos el partido casi en el bote (Sp)

air bag - a security restraint within an vehicle; the bag inflates on collision and prevents the driver or passenger from remaining thrown ahead

In the fashionable earth, bags are ubiquitous,[one] with Lots of people routinely carrying lots of them in the shape of cloth or leather briefcases, handbags, and backpacks, and with bags constructed from more disposable components for instance paper or plastic getting used for buying, and to carry household groceries. A bag may very well be closable by a zipper, snap fastener, and so on.

reticule - a lady's drawstring handbag; ordinarily product of Internet or beading or brocade; Utilized in 18th and 19th centuries

dwelling foundation, residence plate, plate, residence - (baseball) base consisting of the rubber slab wherever the batter stands; it need to be touched by a base runner as a way to score; "he dominated which the runner did not touch residence"

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